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Full Container Loading (FCL) is an excellent option when the customer is shipping large volumes of goods that can fill a 20 Feets or 40 Feets container. It is a type of Sea Freight in that all goods in the container belong to a single shipper.

Greater Profitability and Greater Security

When it comes to the advantages of shipping with FCL, greater profitability is always the most important thing to highlight for every company or individual that is going to ship a large shipment. As the container is fully utilized by your goods, you pay for the container space at a fixed rate, rather than based on the volume or weight of your items.

Another key benefit of FCL is greater security, as you have exclusive use of the container. This can lower the risk of loss, theft, or damage to your goods. FCL shipments are not exposed to the handling and potential mishandling of other shipments, reducing the chances of accidents or incidents that may occur during consolidation and deconsolidation processes.

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