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Virtual Product Sourcing

China is often referred to as the "World's Factory" due to its strong and extensive manufacturing sectors and lower product costs. However, it can be challenging and risky to find a high-quality supplier. Fortunately, INElogi's virtual product sourcing is an excellent option for you! As a one-stop logistics solution provider, INElogi offers more than just international shipping services - we are also professionals with extensive experience in product sourcing from China.

Start sourcing virtually from China!

Virtual Product Sourcing is an online service that enables buyers to submit their sourcing requests, visit suppliers virtually, receive quotations, and place orders. Our sourcing team will provide an online session for buyers to choose products from their preferred suppliers in Guangzhou, China. This can eliminate the need for physical meetings and reduce travel expenses. You can expect a tailored, one-to-one service with professional and high-quality assistance from the INElogi team.

Why Do You Need Us?

Language barrier

If you're facing a language barrier when bargaining about quantity, quality, price, and delivery times, you will not be alone. Our experienced sourcing team can help you communicate with suppliers by serving as translators in Chinese, Malay, and English.

Competitive Shipping Price

After placing an order in China, international shipping becomes another important factor to consider. INElogi offers competitive pricing and a variety of shipping methods to cater to different customer needs.

Experienced Team

The INElogi team has more than 8 years of experience in international shipping and China sourcing. We are confident in our ability to help you source products at lower costs, which can bring higher margins and profits to your business.

Try out virtual sourcing. Prefer to source from online platforms?