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Airfreight is the fastest way to ship your parcel from oversea to Malaysia. At INElogi, we have a team of skilled logistics experts who provide reliable and efficient solutions for fast and secure delivery to our customers. With a delivery duration of 4 to 7 working days, we ensure timely shipments that meet your business and personal needs.

More than just about speed!

Other than speedy delivery, our service includes warehousing, re-packaging, parcel consolidation, customs clearance, brokerage, insurance, and doorstep delivery. We will ensure that our customers' parcels are handled with care and delivered safely to their destination. Our services offer hassle-free customs declaration. With just a few simple steps, your parcel will be delivered within the promised shipping duration.

Must Know

  1. When the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight is less than or equal to (≤) 10kg, the billing weight will be equal to the actual weight.
  2. For parcels with a difference between actual weight and volumetric weight that is greater than (>) 10kg, the billing weight will be the average of the actual weight and volumetric weight, calculated as (actual weight + volumetric weight) / 2.
  3. If the actual weight is higher than (>) the volumetric weight, the charge will be based on the greater weight.
  4. Each parcel must not exceed the dimensions of 150cm x 80cm x 80cm or weigh more than 68kg.
  5. An additional charge of RM100/parcel will be imposed on oversize parcels.
  6. In terms of rounding, if the weight of the parcel is less than 1kg, it will be rounded up to 1kg. For instance, 0.01-0.99kg will be rounded up to 1kg, while 1.01-1.99kg will be rounded up to 2kg.

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